Religion Of One
the sovereignty of individuals
the evolution of species human

Religion Of One
is just for you and just for me.

The mission of Religion Of One is to advocate the fullest possible development of each person and the accomplishment of the highest level of sovereingty by every person.

The guidance, well studied and applied by Religion Of One, is the "Book Of Creation" which is also called this universe.

Residents of this universe cannot yet know if it was created by nature or by decision. This dilemma cannot yet be resolved but by choosing beliefs which cannot yet be tested or by embracing the dilemma. Any non testable belief is equally invalid with every other non testable belief. A responsible resolve is to accept the nature v. decision dilemma.

I believe that a deliberate universe creator would be ethical, moral and just. I hold no authority to speak for the universe creator which I imagine. I have no means to test what I choose to believe about that creator. I want to believe that a universe creator will be ethical, moral and just. So I believe it.

If this universe was created by decision; that creator would not demand that we make a decision regarding it without having sufficient knowledge of it. Such a demand would be unethical, immoral and unjust.

We reside within a living artifact. This universe is a Book Of Creation which is actually written by a natural or decided creator. This book, this living artifact will tell us how things are and or how they are intended. This book is the only authoritative source. It is written in every language ever devised. Religion Of One will rely upon no other source of information. Even if humans encounter another civilization which is a million years more advanced, this universe will remain the sole authoritative source of information about it and its creation.

Religion Of One believes that each individual is able to make decisions which are ethical and execute those decisions to produce moral and just outcomes. This belief can be and is tested for each person. Knowledge of each person is acquired and further interactions with each person are guided by that knowledge.

If you are informed by thought, feeling, conscience, memory and environmental senses; welcome to this universe.
This is your orientation.

"I think; therefore I am." - Descartes
"I decide; therefore I am me." - Brungard
"What I do is me: for that I came." - Gerald Manley Hopkins

Imagine this. Believe this. Do this.

By any manipulation of mind, if you adopt what I believe without testing it; you are my subordinate because you operate under my belief and not your own. By adopting my untested or non testable belief, you not only subordinate yourself to me but make yourself vulnerable to my decisions.

It is irresponsible to adopt a non tested, non testable belief held by some other being. That belief is theirs. Only they can be responsible for it. If you feel compelled to resolve an issue or dilemma by using a non tested, non testable belief, develop a belief of your own. By that work, you can stand responsible for your belief. Nonetheless, it is unwise, unethical, immoral and unjust to inform a decision with a non tested, non testable belief.

You are here to make decisions.

No value exists but by decision. No value can be attached to a person. All values are acquired or let go by making and executing decisions. No person or group or institution or organization or government is ethical or moral. But you and we can make ethical decisions and execute them with behavior that produces moral outcomes. The more decisions we make, the more skilled we can become.

Every decision you make can rest within your ethical guidelines and the behavior selected to execute your decisions can send moral potentials into your lifespace and your environment. That long series of decisions made and executed from birth until death, ever increasing in complexity, ever increasing in responsibilty, ever increasing the capacity, facility and skill sets of the decision maker, ever becoming more independent, ever becoming more unique, ever becoming a sovereign island of humanity, ever maturing as that one person that only one can be. This is the devlopment of a person. This is the source of ethics, morality and justice. This is the source of all that a person and a society and a world will value. Your happiness, in this process, will be a progress report from your conscience.

The meaning of your life is what you state of it. The value of maintaining your life is what you determine each day. The purpose of your life is what you decide for it. The judge of you is your conscience. No other judge exists. Others rightly judge your behavior. Nothing else and no other person is qualified to judge you.

It is unethical and immoral to provide you with knowledge absent of means for you to falsify it and to verify its usefulness in supporting your decisions. I refer you to the most authoritative and test friendly and open source of information: the universe. The information presented by the universe is open to all, in their own language, and written first hand, by the creator or by the creating force. Religion Of One relies upon the universe for information from which imagination, belief, testing, logic, experimentation, falsification and verification will build knowledge.

What I choose to believe about anything whatsoever beyond the death of my body and beyond this universe has no value to anyone beyond me. I have no evidence, no source of information, no means to offer that allows you to test what I believe, no way for you to falsify or verify the information of what I believe, no way for you to make it your own.

Since I have no means to test what I choose to believe, I must refrain from making any decision that regards what I believe because I cannot support that decision with knowledge and I have no means by which to acquire knowledge or build it up sufficiently to support a decision. Making any decision absent of sufficient knowledge to support it would be the most dangerous and irresponsible act I could ever commit.

I would have no ability to weigh the ethics of that decision or the morality of its outbound potentials. I would have no ability to modify or correct any error in the forming of that decision or the behavior I use to give it effect. I would have no ability to estimate the cost of my decision or of its errors, no way to assure myself and others that I can cover the cost. I could learn nothing and earn no wisdom by making a decision devoid of support from knowledge. Whatever be beyond the death of my body and beyond this universe, I will deal with it when I die.

Evidence that may encourage you to accept and utilize your power of decision is robust and manifest in your ability to do so. You are informed by thought, feeling, conscience, memory and environmental senses. You have the tools of imagination and belief which help you build a knowledge base sufficient to support your decisions. You have the ability to modify decisions and correct errors and cover cost which all yield wisdom which you can use to facilitate and perfect future decisions. When a fellow human makes a decision, your body does not respond. When you make a decision, your body responds with all effort to serve that decision.

At the death of your body, if any part of you is eternal, the only thing you can take with you is your responsibility for decisions you have made. Your body is comprised of material constituent of this universe and this universe will reclaim and reuse that material. Your I, that part of you which makes decisions, that part which uses the word I, your soul essence animus spirit, that part of you is the only part of you yet safe from discovery by medicine and science, the only part possibly eternal (and fully responsible).

You cannot not make a decision.

No individual can abdicate or resign from the power of decision. You can decide to not decide but that is no escape from responsibility. Your decision to not decide puts you responsible for all the results and products ensuite with your decision to not decide. If your decision to not decide involves a surrogate or default decision maker, you hold the responsibility for the surrogate or default decision. If your decision to not decide simply grants free play to forces of nature or decisions of others, you are responsible for any impact of those forces.

Decision is your only power and your only responsibility. To grant some of your power to another individual or organization or government is no relief. It is your decision that transfers your power to them. Their decisions are yours. To grant some of your sovereignty to another individual or organization or government is no relief. It is your decision that transfers your sovereignty to them. Their sovereignty is yours. Individuals, alone, hold the power of decision and the potential to become sovereign and delegate decision and sovereignty.

This universe will convey you from the birth of your body to the death of your body. Your decisions pen your existence and become part of its history. Your body is comprised of material constituent of this universe so, unless you created this universe, your body is not yours and not you. It is the exclusive use of your body, that responsibility which is yours. It is your thoughts, feelings, conscience, memory, environmental senses and the exclusive use of your body that enable you to become and be and express the being of that one person that only you can be. The I in you. The I am and I will and I want upon which all of your decisions must stand.

That part of you which uses the word I, that part of you which makes decisions, is not yet known to medicine or science. It remains plausible that your I part, your soul essence animus spirit, existed before the birth of your body and will exist after your body expires. It is also plausible that your I part was formed of haploid parts contributed by parents and developed in a manner similar to your body. It is also plausible that your I part is comprised of material constituent of this universe but which we cannot yet detect or simply an aggregate function of many neuroanatomical structures yet too complex to detect and understand and explain.

The preponderance of all evidence from medicine and science describes an ability to study information flowing to and instructions from your executive but no ability to study that executive, that decision making I part of you. The source of thoughts, the input from conscience are not yet known either. It might forever be that the only proof that unique, individual humans exist is their own activity of making and executing decisions. "I Decide: Therefore I Am Me".

Evidence that supports the haploid formation of your I part includes the fact that your capacity and skill to make decisions develops over time and with practice. Fallible but not fallen, you make decisions and correct errors and gain knowledge and cover cost and earn wisdom that facilitates future decisions and reduces chance and extent of error. That evidence is also relevant with the time needed for human brains to mature. The I part might simply be waiting for some brain development before it starts making and transmitting decisions to the brain.

Sovereign individuals have no need of an external agency to make decisions for them or stand responsible for them or judge them or regulate their behavior or instruct them or improve them or correct them or parent them because they accomplish all those values and activities by and for themselves. They are fully developed persons, sovereign islands of humanity among many.

Because many persons share one planet, agencies are formed to facilitate the endeavors of all individuals. I am sovereign. The agencies, institutions and governments to which I grant restricted, qualified and limited power and authority are extensions of me. They are formed to facilitate the enterprise and commerce of all persons. In them, we are all responsible.

In their aggregate, the decision rules styled below are the process by which persons develop from dependence through independence to individuation and sovereignty. The more decisions you make, the more independent you become. The more responsibility you demand and prove, the more free you become. When you finally arrive at a point in development when you are making nearly every decision and proving responsibility for managing your daily activities and determining your future and for all that is or occurs within the life space you create for yourself and your conscience is consistently giving you good progress reports, you are ready to claim sovereignty:

Phase One:
Form your decision from statements beginning with I am and or I will and or I want.
Phase Two:
Support your decision with your knowledge and or your wisdom.
Phase Three:
Accept the input from your conscience. Resolve all issues presented.
Phase Four:
Consider outbound potentials and your ability to modify them.
Phase Five:
Consider methods of implementation and your ability to make corrections.
Phase Six:
Accept the input from your conscience. Resolve all issues presented.
Phase Seven:
Consider all impacts and all cost and all persons and all forces affected by your decision.
Phase Eight:
Gather input from those persons and information about those forces.
Phase Nine:
Accept the input from your conscience. Resolve all issues presented.
Phase Ten:
Announce and execute your decision.
Phase Eleven:
Correct error and modify potential and adjust method as needed.
Phase Twelve:
Demand responsibility and pay cost, gather up the knowledge held in this experience, gather up your newly earned wisdom.
Phase Thirteen:
Accept the overall and final judgment from your conscience. Resolve any residual issues presented. Pay any outstanding cost. Store the lessons learned and wisdom earned. Stand ready to apply your experience and your expanded knowledge base and your newly garnered wisdom to future decisions.

I Am and or I will and or I want comprise the only valid formulation of a decision and constitute your only legitimate claim that a decision is yours.

The only valid support for your decision is your knowledge and or your wisdom. You can receive knowledge and or wisdom from another individual or group or institution but you must test it sufficiently to verify it and make it your own. Apply your own logic, examine relevant evidence, replicate experiments or run your own but test gifted knowledge and or wisdom before you use it. Test the gifted knowledge and or wisdom for its applicability, sufficiency and efficacy relative to the decision you are currently processing and to the methods of execution under consideration. Only your knowledge and or wisdom makes it possible to modify the outbound potentials and correct errors that appear while making decisions, selecting methods, and putting them to effect. Your knowledge and or your wisdom enable assessment of the efficacy and effectiveness of your decision. Your conscience will provide guidance throughout the phases of making and executing a decision and issue a judgment at completion. Your conscience enables your assessment of fairness justice ethics and morality. You must consider the outbound potentials of your decision and determine the best method to give your decision effect. You must prove your ability to modify potentials and adjust methods and correct errors and cover their cost to claim responsibility. Having demonstrated that a decision is purely your own and that responsibility is totally your own, you will earn the results of your decision and a bonus of wisdom that you can apply to future decisions. Bear in mind, always, that others rightly judge the behavior that executes your decisions but no other than your conscience is qualified to judge you, the decision maker, the person, the sovereign being.

A decision supported by untested gifted knowledge or wisdom is not your decision. A decision judged by gifted conscience is not your decision. Gifted knowledge must be tested for validity and applicability. Gifted conscience might assist your own conscience as it works to assess the ethics of a decision and the morality of its potentials. For that cause, gifted input from the conscience of another individual or group can be accepted with gratitude but you must acknowledge that no conscience and no collected conscience is superior to your own. A decision must be supported by your knowledge and judged by your conscience purely. Otherwise, even though you are using untested input from others, you must accept responsibility for the formation and for the execution of that decision and bear all costs and correct all errors. You develop, as an individual, by making and executing decisions that are purely your own. Continuous use of gifted but untested knowledge wisdom and conscience will delay or delimit your development.

The thoughts that bubble up inside your head are equally valid with those inside any other head. All persons derive testable, knowledge building, decision supporting, wisdom earning information from the same universe and in their own language. No person, group, organization, corporation, government or world is privy to information beyond what the universe provides. No electron of ethics or molecule of morality exists. No person is ethical. No person is moral. Those values can only derive from the formulation and execution of decisions. The judgments issued by your conscience are equally valid with those issued by any other but it must be your conscience that judges you.

No power is greater than the power of decision. Be this universe created by a minded entity or plural, its creator would first decide to create. Decision is the first mover.

Those who acknowledge that decision is the only power perceive themselves to exist separately from the creator and living in a universe existing separately from its creator.

Some postulate that, for the creator, imagination and belief are powers. Having three powers, a creator could decide to create, imagine the creation and then believe it to make it so. They perceive themselves and this universe to exist within the mind of the creator.

For those of us who reside in this universe, testing either belief is beyond our ability because our information is restricted to that provided by the universe. We do not have three powers; only one. We can imagine that a creator exists and we can fervently believe that a creator exists and apply faith that a creator exists, yet, no creator appears before us.

For us, decision is the only power, not a lesser power; conscience is the only judge, not a lesser judge. Would we someday learn all the information provided for us by this universe, from its origin to its eventual transformation, we would learn nothing of its creator. There is no difference, for us, whether a creating force acted of its nature or if a decided creator applied a creating force. As we study this universe, we are learning how things are or how they are meant to be. For us, each decision and its outbound potentials must be supported by our own knowledge and judged by our own conscience.

BEWARE:  imagination and belief.

Imagination and belief are the tools of science and the acquisition of a knowledge base sufficient to support all of the decisions you will make. We read the Book Of Creation. We imagine how things can be as we experience them. We choose to believe the most likely explanation. We test that belief and report what knowledge we acquire. Our peers test and retest and reform the test of our belief and report what knowledge they have acquired. Every test and restest and reformed test will generate negative or positive knowledge. As that knowledge builds, the potential for a consensus builds and when a consensus is reached we can report a knowing of how things we experience came to be.

Imagination and belief are tools. As tools, they can be misused and disused. Imagine this, believe this, do this. That is a way for another person, group, agency, institution, corporation or government to misuse your imagination by substituting belief where knowledge should be. We are all prone to that ploy because it is so easy to use a belief instead of doing all the work required to acquire knowledge. Others can use our imagination to present something so appealing to us that we want to believe it. Others can also use our imagination to present something so scary that we fear not to believe it. The goal is to get us to put that belief in the place of knowledge and pretend that it is knowledge. Then they can tell us what decisions to make and how to execute them because the fake knowledge (belief) is their invention. Know it or blow it! Use your imagination and belief properly and keep them locked away from others.

BEWARE:  because.

If you make a decision because of anything beyond your trinity, you are diluting your power with the subject of because. You are binding yourself to something not you. You are giving your power to something or someone not you. The decision is not yours and you are diminished.

BEWARE:  fear.

If you make a decision for fear of anything beyond your trinity, you are diluting your power with the subject that you fear. You are binding yourself to the subject that you fear. You are giving your power to the subject that you fear. The decision is not yours and you are diminished.

BEWARE:  faith.

A decision formulated purely of your trinity must also be supported by your knowledge and or your wisdom. Belief is the tool that you use to build knowledge. With an unknown value juxtaposed or merged or couched with known values, you can formulate a belief and design a test that can falsify that belief. By formulating beliefs and conducting tests, you can build a base of knowledge that will support the decisions you want to make. Faith is the active substitution of belief for knowledge. Faith bypasses the whole process of building knowledge and supporting decisions and earning wisdom. It leaves you with no way to conduct all the phases of a decision. Since you cannot conduct all the required phases, a faith based decision is the most dangerous and the most irresponsible act that you can commit. Worse yet, since your development from dependence through independence to individuation and sovereignty is driven entirely by the decisions you make and the knowledge you build and the wisdom you earn; the use of faith will arrest your own progress. If you would continue to make faith based decisions, you could deprive yourself of ever becoming an individual and building a sovereign life space for yourself.

Worst of all, by misusing (because fear faith), you could deprive yourself of ever becoming you, disappoint any person who loves you and the universe that made way for you. You would deny the absolute autonomy and equality you were created with and you would deprive the creator of its desire and deny the creating force its design.

Your body is born of biology by decision of others. You are born of individuation by decisions that you make. Without decision, your body and you cannot exist within this universe.

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